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Electronic Service Tag

No more guesswork when replacing your cylinder.

We provide an EST (Electronic Service TagTM) on every H, MH, LH and A-series cylinder that gives you access to every piece of information your maintenance team will need to service or replace your cylinder.

Placing one of our QR Code/NFC tags on or near your cylinder allows your cell phone to be used to access name plate information about your specific cylinder, obtain a quote for that cylinder’s seal kit or even quoting a duplicate cylinder.

Electronic Service Tag QR code

Inside your service tag is an NFC chip your cell phone reads that takes you to a customized webpage that provides all the info you need for servicing.

  • Reduce pain of finding what cylinder you have (which is necessary to order service parts)
  • Reduce downtime by quick access to the correct service part
  • Use any modern phone to read cylinder nameplate information and understand what service parts to order
  • Includes easy electronic push-button from phone to quote service parts to your email in one business day
  • Works in industrial environments: NFC can read tag, even if the tag is dirty or ink unreadable
  • Easily placed in various accessible locations (On cylinder, machine and nameplate, or in machine’s manual)

Apply tag (sticker) to a location accessible by a cell phone. (i.e. on the cylinder, a separate name plate, binder, control box, etc.)

Apply on surfaces with a min/max temperature of -31F to +194F

How To Use

Use your phone’s QR code or NFC reader to scan the tag. Your phone will link to your cylinder’s information at Milwaukee Cylinder. Use convenient push button features to quote a seal kit or duplicate cylinder.

QR Code

Comes standard on any smart phone by scanning with its camera.

NFC Technology

Comes standard on most smart phones — simply touch the tag with your phone.

Electronic Service Tag Graphic
Electronic Service Tag

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