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ICB™ Series

ICB SeriesTM – Integrated Counterbalance Valve Technology Made Simple

Experience the Next Level in Hydraulic Control with the Milwaukee Cylinder ICB Series™ hydraulic cylinders.

ICB Series™ stands for Integrated Counterbalance Valve Cylinders and are a new option for the Milwaukee Cylinder 3000 psi H-Series product line. Milwaukee Cylinder is excited to bring you this cutting-edge solution, perfectly blending robust Milwaukee Cylinder hydraulic cylinders with counterbalance valve technology. ICB Series™ cylinders are expertly designed for superior load holding and precise control of over-center movement, ensuring your operations are smoother and more reliable than ever. With the ICB Series, you’re getting a user-friendly, plug-and-play product, customized to your needs and ready to perform right out of the box. For your convenience, Milwaukee Cylinder factory sets the Counterbalance valve to the customer’s desired holding pressure!

ICB Series - Integrated Counterbalance Valve

Don’t miss out on this innovative advancement in hydraulic technology – contact us today to see how the ICB Series Cylinders can elevate your hydraulic systems!

ICB Series Brochure

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