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Pow’r Arm™

Pow’r Arm

Safe, convenient positioning of loads up to 2,000 pounds (909 kg).

  • Quick, easy lifting and positioning of heavy dies, tooling and parts
  • One-man control – saves time and labor
  • Mounts directly on machine, i-beam or vertical surface
  • Vertical travel is easily controlled with 8.0 foot remote pendant push-button control
  • Articulated arm simplifies positioning of load, folds away for convenient storage
  • Metering orifice slows downward motion
  • 2-speed control permits fast movement and precise positioning of load

Power Supply
Pow’r Arm includes a complete, self-contained power supply. It consists of a pump, motor, coupling, coupling adapter, hydraulic reservoir and controls. Air-hydraulic and electric-hydraulic units are available. Both units have a pre-set relief valve to prevent overloads and a check valve which retards descent of the load if the power fails.

Large and complex cutters are often impossible to handle without some mechanical assistance. The Pow’r Arm was adapted for this specific application.

In automated forging processes, hot metal blanks are fed automatically into a progressive die. Each die segment may weigh several hundred pounds and must be handled quickly, easily and safely.

Large shear blades are used to cut steel bars and billets. When these blades become worn the Pow’r Arm performs speedy removal and replacement of the blades safely with minimal disruption to the process.

Safety Relief Valve – Relief Valves are pre-set at the factory to prevent overloading of the cylinder arm assembly.

Dual Speed Control – The vertical travel is controlled by a hand held push-button pendant, connected to the hydraulic power unit. Dual speed provides maximum performance and control.

Integrated Hydraulic Controls – All hydraulic controls are integrated into compact manifold packages to minimize space and system hydraulic connections. Controls are designed to provide positive load holding.

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