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Pow’r Reach™

Pow’r Reach

  • For fast, easy lifting and precise positioning of tombstones, vises and materials.
  • Available in 250 pound (114 kg) or 750 pound (341 kg) capacity
  • 58-inch (1473 mm) vertical travel . . . 8.5 foot (2.6 m) reach . . . 350 degree rotation
  • One-man control – saves time and laborLow column profile for maneuverability
  • Two-speed pendant control permits fast movement and precise positioningSpecial bearing prevent drifting of load

Power Supply
All Pow’r Reach units include a complete self-contained electric-hydraulic power supply mounted on the column. The standard power supply is driven by a single phase electric motor operating on 115 volts, 60Hz. Other voltages, frequencies and motor specifications are available upon request.

Parts are selected from pallets and moved to working station. The smooth, positive hydraulic control of the Pow’r Reach permits picking and positioning of expensive parts safely and precisely.

Portable dolly-mounted Pow’r Reach provides flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of applications. For stability, a counterweight is welded to the column of these models.

A Pow’r Reach is used to position parts in machining centers. It is useful and effective because of the ease and convenience with which the heavy parts are handled.

Safety Relief Valve – Relief Valves are pre-set at the factory to prevent overloading of the cylinder arm assembly.

Dual Speed Control – Standard on the MPR-25 for maximum performance and control. Variable speed proportional control is standard on the MPR-75 and optional on the MPR-25.

Integrated Hydraulic Controls – All hydraulic controls are integrated into compact manifold packages to minimize space and system hydraulic connections. Controls are designed to provide positive load holding.

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