Specials Are Our Standard


Tie Rod Cylinders

  • Series H – Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Series MH – Metric Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Series LH – Low Pressure Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Series A – Pneumatic Steel Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Series MN – Pneumatic Aluminum Tie Rod Cylinders
  • High Heat Tie Rod Cylinder Applications
  • Smart Tie Rod Cylinder Technology
  • Tie Rod Cylinder Accessories
  • Special Certifications

Power Units

  • Hydraulic power units are built for your application
  • Specification assistance-turnkey, fully tested solutions
  • Gear, Vane, Piston Pumps
  • Electric, diesel, gas driven options
  • Multiple reservoir styles
  • Full line of directional valves, accessory valves, and manifolds
  • Special and catalog products

Boosters & Accumulators

  • Pressure Boosters are ideal for limited operation applications requiring intermittent high pressure when you only have low pressure air
  • Air Oil Tanks supplement a booster system by providing a source of low pressure oil, while also providing an outlet for entrapped air
  • Accumulators can improve overall system efficiency

Industrial Manipulators

  • Quick, easy lifting and positioning of heavy dies, tooling and parts
  • One-man control – saves time and labor
  • 2-speed control permits fast movement and precise positioning of load
  • Articulated arm simplifies positioning of load, folds away for convenient storage

Special Applications

  • Adjustable Stroke Cylinder
  • Adjustable Stop Cylinder
  • Nose Mounted Cylinder
  • Heavy-Duty Cylinder
  • Controlled Rotating Cylinder
  • Tilt System Cylinder

ARC Technology

  • Option on H-Series Cylinders
  • Available in two flow sizes and for activation in extend or retract
  • Flushes cylinder with clean, cool oil when the cylinder reaches end-of-stroke (where ARC™ is selected)
  • Designed to remove stagnant oil and deaerate the cylinder
  • Benefits included extending cylinder life, reducing erratic cylinder performance from trapped air, and a mechanism for cylinder cooling

ICB Series

ICB Series - Integrated Counterbalance Valve
  • Option on H-Series Cylinders
  • Easy to Order: Easy to use configurator
  • Easy to Use: Comes assembled with counterbalance valve installed and set to customer load holding pressure
  • Counterbalance valve located at cylinder for enhanced protection and performance
  • Available – Stocked

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