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Arc Technology

ARCTM Technology – Automatic Recirculating Cylinder

ARCTM is a patent pending technology that allows oil to recirculate through the cylinder when the cylinder reaches end of stroke, removing stagnant oil and helping to extend the life of the cylinder.

ARCTM Technology – Issue Description

Issue Description

  • Depending upon hose length, oil from the power unit never makes it to the cylinder
  • Oil in the cylinder becomes stagnant, because it never gets flushed out
  • Stagnant oil breaks down, decreasing the life of the cylinder

ARCTM Technology – ARC Solution

ARCTM Solution

  • ARCTM Technology is a proprietary opposing poppet valve cartridge built into the piston
  • When the piston reaches 3/16″ from the end-of-stroke, ARCTM opens and oil is allowed to bypass the piston, flushing the cylinder with new clean, cool oil
  • When not at the end-of-stroke, ARCTM closes, allowing the cylinder to obtain full force and speed
  • Available on our H-Series family of cylinders, on the rod end or blind end, in two different flow options

ARCTM Technology – Solution Technology

ARCTM Solution Technology

This sequence shows the piston of an ARCTM cylinder approaching an end-cap while retracting. The piston has ARCTM selected on the retract side of the cylinder. Note- in this example, ARCTM will only recirculate on the retract portion of the cycle and not the extend portion of the cycle. Watch our video to see ARCTM in action.

During mid-stroke: One poppet of the pair remains closed, preventing flow, and allowing full force and speed.

End-of-stroke: An extension of the closed poppet contacts the end cap, opening the poppet, allowing flow through the piston.

ARCTM Technology – Benefits

ARCTM Benefits

  • Long Life – 25% or more increase in cylinder life is possible ARCTM recirculates clean oil replacing stagnant oil
  • Cylinder Cooling – ARCTM recirculates cool oil from the power unit, replacing hot oil in the cylinder*
  • Improved Hydraulic Response – Air in hydraulic oil causes performance problems, ARCTM automatically bleeds/ deaerates the cylinder, removing trapped air
  • Enhanced Warranty – (18 M vs. 12 M)

* Note: Some temperature rise will occur as oil flows through the ARCTM Cartridge. This rise is typically less than the cooling affect of cool oil recirculating into the cylinder. See our ARCTM Design Guide for design suggestions.

ARCTM Technology – Product Availability

ARCTM Product Availability Table

ARCTM is available in the following bore/rod configurations:

Note: For larger bores or other cylinder series, please contact a Milwaukee Cylinder sales representative.

ARCTM Technology – Flow Options

ARCTM Flow Options

ARCTM Technology is offered in a high flow or low flow option. The chart below represents expected recirculation flow for each option based on operating pressure. Actual flow performance may vary, depending on application specific parameters (return line back pressure, fluid viscosity, temperature, power unit capacity, etc.)

Recirculation Flow*

* This chart is based on non-cushion cylinders. Cushioned cylinders will have a reduced flow based on the cushion setting. See our ARCTM Design Guide for cushion flow information.

ARCTM Technology – How to Order

How to Order

ARCTM Technology can be used as an option on any H-Series cylinder with the bore and rod size specified in the Product Availability Table.

ARCTM Technology is available in the extend or retract directions, and with high flow or low flow options. Other custom flow rates are available upon request.

When adding ARCTM Technology to a configured cylinder, include “S” for “special” in the configured cylinder model number (see page 32 of our catalog) and include the relevant “ARC-#-#” note in your inquiry.

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