Specials Are Our Standard

Special Applications

Milwaukee Cylinder has two basic identities as a cylinder producer. The first is a supplier of standard Hydraulic and Air Cylinders. The second is as a specialist in the design and manufacture of totally unique cylinders.

Whether you require a different material, seals, mounting, other modification or a completely unique custom product, Milwaukee Cylinder has the resources to meet your needs. We also offer mechanical locking, position sensing, nonrotating and other specialty cylinder types.

Application Support
For information on what data is required to develop a design to suit your needs, contact either your local Milwaukee Cylinder representative, or the factory. Learn more

Adjustable Stroke Cylinder
In this application, the extend cycle of the cylinder had to be adjustable for different lengths. Milwaukee Cylinder attached a special, welded stop around one of the double rod ends. The rod end going through the stop has an easily adjustable nut that will precisely set the length of the extend cycle.

Adjustable Stop Cylinder
Like the cylinder above, this one does not require special valving to achieve an adjustable stroke length. But unlike the other cylinder, the length of the stroke had to be adjustable in both directions. In this case, the blind end flange had an extension added through which one of the double rod ends passed. Around the rod were attached two, threaded, locking collars for quick and easy adjustment of the rod travel in either direction.

Nose Mounted Cylinder
Quite often, cylinders designed and manufactured overseas do not conform to NFPA specifications. Milwaukee Cylinder is able to design a replacement non-NFPA cylinder. This particular cylinder was designed to replace a cylinder built in Europe. A special threaded nozzle was required for mounting purposes.

Heavy Duty Cylinder
The Series HD cylinder is a heavy-duty, non-tie rod design rated for continuous 5,000-psi operation. It has been designed specifically for punching and piercing operations in thick metal requiring tonnage ratings from 17-1/2 to 100 tons.

Controlled Rotating Cylinder
Sand shell cores for casting turbine rotors required a large cam roll and three men to turn the cope. Due to the curved blades on the rotor, the cope of the pattern had to be rotated as it was being removed. Milwaukee Cylinder engineered a precision cylinder in which the rod would rotate during the first two inches of upward travel and then travel straight up for eleven more inches. This controlled rotation released the blades in the pattern from the sand core without incurring breakage.

Tilt System Cylinder
Milwaukee Cylinder was chosen to design and manufacture a custom hydraulic cylinder functioning as the tilting mechanism. We developed a cylinder that could extend and retract a precise distance, allowing a specific degree of tilt in either direction.

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