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Series MH Features and Benefits

Series MH Product Overview

 Series MH Catalog PDF (2.30 MB)

Cylinders 100% tested – for functionality and seal integrity.
1. Piston – unique combination of cast iron rings and rubber u-cup seals/effective at low & high pressure.Excellent load holding/greater reliability/low maintenance.
2. Piston Rod – hard chrome plated/polished high strength steel. Held to tight straightness standard.Long seal and bearing life/lower maintenance costs/smooth operation.
3. Piston Rod Bearings – bronze/designed for max. length/ externally removable. Resists side load/increases seal life.Lower maintenance costs/less downtime.
4. End Caps – precision machined steel. Assures accurate mounting and alignment.Trouble-free installation and extended service life.
5. Tie-Rods – constructed from high quality medium carbon steel/have roller threads.Extended cylinder life.
6. Tie-Rod Nuts – self locking/stronger assembly.Increased product reliability.
7. Cylinder Barrels – honed/held to tight standards for roundness/straightness/sealed with o-rings/piloted on O.D. Increasing pressure reduces extrusion gap.Optimum seal performance/ reduced maintenance/ smooth operation.

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